Practice Areas

Contract Security

Bonds and Guarantees

At McLean & Armstrong, we advise and help our clients with drafting and negotiating the terms of several commercial instruments that are frequently used in the construction industry such as bonds and guarantees.

We work with our clients to ensure that the commercial instrument is consistent with the purpose of that instrument.

Construction Liens

The Builders Lien Act is one of the main pillars of construction law in Canada.  It protects contractors, subcontractors, and other construction participants in a construction project, by giving them several forms of security. It also protects owners and limits their exposure to claims by subcontractors who have not been paid by those who hired them.

While a builders lien is a very effective tool for those who provided work or materials on a construction project to recover money they are owed, the rules and procedures to perfect a lien can be complicated. Our firm has a successful track record in handling liens and we are well versed on the lien practice and the developing law.