Practice Areas

Procurement & Contract Development


Design and construction contracts differ significantly from other commercial contracts in their content and structure. At McLean & Armstrong, we advise all stakeholders in construction projects on best practices in contract drafting and review with the overriding goal of preventing construction disputes as projects move forward.

Construction project disputes often arise between project participants because of changed site conditions, contractor or owner error, supply chain issues, extreme weather, or other unexpected events. Any of these issues inevitably impact the work schedule and the construction cost increases. Whether using standard forms or customized contracts, these risks can be mitigated by a properly drafted contract that allocates delay and disruption risks to the party best able to control them. Using our extensive experience with construction contracts, we can help you draft, navigate and understand your contractual obligations and duties.

Our team has worked with clients on projects across Canada and internationally to negotiate and draft contracts on a range of construction and infrastructure projects.

Construction Procurement

From the earliest inception of a project, we help our clients navigate through the procurement process. Our experience, combined with our background in construction, allows our clients to benefit from our ability to identify and advise on suitable methods of procurement.

As well, our extensive experience in the field of construction law enables us to identify issues that may arise during construction projects while ensuring our clients are fully aware, protected and prepared for any potential disputes.